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I am a Licensed Marriage, Family and Individual Therapist. I have been counseling over 20 years. I believe it is a calling on my life. I love what I do. I love people and believe each of us has positive potential. I love helping people find their path to growth.


I know how experience such as divorce, parenting problems, grief, and loss can affect your life. Your relationships suffer, your self-esteem gets buried, you completely lose sight of your identity. Through my own life experiences, I have learned how to overcome these issues also.

Now I spend my life helping others do the same. Inspired by parents who encouraged me to help people, watching them help hundreds of people themselves through ministry and being a Military Chaplin. After raising my own children, I earned a Masters Degree in Psychology from Chapman University and opened a private practice.

Through my travels within the United States and internationally. I have studied family dynamics in many cultures, experiencing new insights in problem-solving. As a mother of adopted children as well as biological, I understand the issues faced by adopted children as well as their parents. 

Parenting is not for cowards.....James Dobson 

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The Colorado Springs Counselor Who Cares

​At Access to Healthy Choices, you can be treated for many problems, including marriage troubles, individual issues, depression and anxiety disorders, communication problems and parenting techniques. We accept many forms of insurance as well as patients without insurance policies. Get the best indivdual and couples counseling in Colorado Springs and many other problems by scheduling an appointment today. 

It can sometimes be difficult to make the decision to see a therapist. Once you finally take that step, make sure you choose the right counselor. Don't make the mistake of seeing a professional who doesn't understand you or your situation and doesn't care. Visit Access to Healthy Choices and be seen by a person who is compassionate and ready to help. Marie Mortensen is that person, and she has been through her share of troubling times. Marie is available to patients 12 years of age and older, and she is a former member of the State Board of Marriage and Family Therapy. This Colorado Springs counselor has many years of professional as well as life experience, and her patients who do not have insurance coverage may be eligible for payments on a sliding fee scale.

Access to Healthy Choices offers therapy for a wide range of problems, including individual and marriage counseling in Colorado Springs. Don't suffer in silence any longer. Take the first step to a better life by calling us today.
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